ISO Milano Diva 1959

Iso Milano Diva 1959

We received this job from the customer to get this 1959 ISO Milano Diva in original condition back on the road after this motorcycle has not seen the road for almost 40 years. We also have to have the motorcycle inspected at the RDW so that the old license plate becomes valid again, because the license plate has not been on the road for so long, so that the license plate was no longer known to the RDW.

The work that we did is:


  • Kickstart shaft geared with a dial indicator and a press.
  • Left crankcase cover ultrasonically cleaned.
  • Made left crankcase cover gasket.
  • New sealing rings fitted.
  • Replace old oil for new SAE40 according to manual.
  • New primary chain fitted.
Align Kickstart Axis


  • Replace secondary transmission old oil for SAE40 according to manual.


  • Large part of the wiring harness remade and connected.
  • Corroded contacts cleaned.
  • Modern 6V voltage regulator connected.

Fuel supply:

  • Fuel tank cleaned.
  • Replace fuel hose.
  • Fuel filter fitted.
  • Carburettor ultrasonically cleaned.
  • Carburettor adjusted.
  • Fresh gasoline with Castrol Power RS 2T oil for the mix lubrication (1:30 mix ratio).


  • Replace front brake lever.
  • All cables lubricated.
  • slack in the cables.

Wheels / Brakes:

  • Tires set to the correct pressure.
  • Brakes adjusted to the correct clearance.


  • Prepare the motor scooter for the reactivation of the old Dutch license plate.
  • Request model and date of certificate.
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