rental agreement motorcycle trailer

Article 1: The rented property, the rent and the deposit.

1.1 The landlord rents out to the tenant and the tenant rents a trailer from the landlord.

  • Description trailer type: Stema STM motorcycle trailer up to 3 engines 251x153cm 1000KG braked or closed motorcycle trailer 1 engine 250x125x150cm 750KG unbraked.
  • Extension is possible in consultation with the landlord.

1.2 The rent must be paid by the tenant at the start of the rental period.

1.3 At the time of signing this rental agreement, the tenant owes an amount of €100,- appropriate cash owed to the lessor as a deposit for the proper fulfillment of the obligations arising from this lease. No interest is paid on the deposit.

Article 2: Duration.

The rental agreement ends on the agreed termination date and the agreed termination time.

If the tenant has not returned the trailer in accordance with this article, the rental agreement will end at the time the trailer is returned to the lessor or has been retrieved by the lessor. In that case, the renter owes the usual rent for the extra period in which he has had the trailer at his disposal. In that case, the lessor is also entitled to retrieve the trailer itself, the costs of which will be borne by the lessee.

Article 3: Condition of the trailer.

The tenant is deemed to have checked the trailer for defects immediately upon receipt. If there are defects, shortcomings or other complaints, the tenant must immediately report this to the landlord.

Article 4: Obligations of the tenant.

4.1 The tenant must collect the trailer from the landlord and return it to the landlord clean and undamaged at the time specified in this rental agreement.

4.2 The tenant must handle and use the trailer carefully and in accordance with the operating instructions communicated to the tenant upon delivery and not make any changes to the trailer.

4.3 The lessee must reject any third-party claims on the trailer and immediately inform the lessor thereof.

4.4 The tenant must ensure that the trailer is not accessible to third parties. The renter is not entitled to sublet or otherwise make the trailer available to third parties.

4.5 The tenant declares to be in possession of a valid driver's license, a proper car and third-party liability insurance.

Article 5: Damage to the trailer.

5.1 During the time between the moment the trailer is received by the hirer and the moment it is returned or retrieved, the risk of damage, theft, loss or destruction of the trailer, other than as a result of an own defect of the trailer, at the expense and risk of the tenant.

5.2 The tenant is obliged to immediately report any damage and defects to the trailer as well as theft of the trailer to the landlord.

5.3 Changes and/or repairs to the trailer may only be carried out by or on the instructions of the lessor.

Article 6: Liability.

6.1 The liability of the lessor is, except in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the lessor or

liability under the product liability legislation, limited to direct damage to items that were not in the trailer and that occurred as a result of defects in the trailer. The lessor is never liable for consequential damage and his liability is in all cases limited to the amount for which he is insured.

6.2 The renter is liable for all costs resulting from incorrect use of the trailer, including overloading the trailer and the consequences of violations laid down in the Road Traffic Act and the Criminal Code.

Article 7: Termination/dissolution.

7.1 This rental agreement can be terminated by the landlord with immediate effect if the tenant fails to fulfill any obligation under this agreement.

7.2 If the rental agreement has been concluded for a period of longer than 1 month, the tenant can terminate the agreement prematurely. A notice period of 1 month must be observed. In all other cases, the tenant cannot terminate the agreement before the time stated in the rental agreement

7.3 Upon termination of the rental agreement, the trailer must be made available to the lessor in the same condition in which it was delivered. If the trailer shows defects or damage, insofar as it does not concern normal wear and tear, or if the tenant has not cleaned the trailer or has not cleaned it properly, the landlord is entitled to charge the repair and/or cleaning costs or the replacement value if this would be lower. are the repair costs.

7.4 If the tenant is unable to return the trailer to the landlord, the tenant must pay the landlord compensation to be determined by the landlord, in the amount of the replacement value of the trailer, without prejudice to the obligation to pay the rent.

Article 8: Insurance.

The renter declares that a liability insurance has been taken out for the tow vehicle in combination with the rented property, which complies with the requirements set by or pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act. The tenant indemnifies the landlord in respect of:

  • Damage to third parties that is not reimbursed by the insurer for whatever reason;
  • Damage to third parties that is compensated by the insurer on the basis of the aforementioned law, but for which there is no cover under the policy conditions. This occurs, for example, if the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time the damage occurred;
  • The (possible) deductible.

Article 9: Securing the load.

9.1 Red Hand Classics is not liable for damage to the load caused by securing or using the motorcycle trailer.

We at Red Hand Classics can give you tips on how to secure a load, but we cannot be held liable for any damage to the load.

9.2 Transporting and securing the load will at all times be the risk of the hirer.

Article 10: Driving license and requirements.

The tenant declares that he/she is in possession of the correct driver's license.

  • The tenant is at least in possession of a B driving license.

The renter's vehicle must be allowed to tow the maximum weight of the trailer on this you can easily see whether the towing vehicle is allowed to tow the trailer and whether you are above or below 3500KG together with the towing vehicle.

  • The vehicle and trailer may not weigh more than 3500KG together with a B driving license. This is calculated on the basis of the maximum weight of the towing vehicle plus the maximum weight of the trailer regardless of whether the trailer is loaded or not.

Article 11: Destination/Insurance Area.

Unless otherwise agreed in the tenancy agreement, the tenant is not permitted to move the rented property outside the Netherlands without prior permission from the landlord. Permission, once obtained, only applies under the conditions:

  • That the liability insurance referred to in sub a provides cover for the country concerned, as must be apparent from the international motor vehicle insurance certificate (green card) issued with the insurance.
  • That the renter has taken out repatriation insurance with a trailer supplement for the tow vehicle, whereby the transport or return of the tow vehicle in combination with the rented property is covered in accordance with the usual conditions.

Article 12: Rented trailer with accessories.

Before taking delivery of the leased property, the lessor will provide verbal directions and instructions. The leased property is made available to the tenant in good condition and in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, provided with accessories, as described in the lease.

  • 12x Tensioning strap with hook, 1x drawbar lock with lock and key, 1x drawbar box with key, 1x spare wheel, 1x ramp, 1x adapter plug (optional).

Article 13: fines / violations.

If the tenant has committed a violation with the trailer, this fine will have to be paid by the tenant.

The landlord can review whether the ticket / violation was made by the relevant tenant and the ticket will be sent to the tenant.

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