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What is Red Hand Classics?

Red Hand Classics is a company that has been in existence since March 2017. The company is run by father Alex (left) and son Nick (right), who both have a great passion for vintage motorcycles and technology.

We are specialized in restoring, repairing, overhauling, maintaining and producing parts of oldtimer motorcycles. Red Hand Classics is also involved in buying, selling and mediating old-timer motorcycles.

We can also give the necessary advice with regard to your old-timer motorcycle. This includes maintenance, any upcoming revisions and repairs.

We can also check your motorcycle so that you can safely hit the road again for a whole season. We do this on 38 points! From brakes and tires to the fuel system and lighting. It is wonderful to take a nice ride, but also nice when you come home safely.


We have a very spacious, tidy and neat workshop (175 m²) that is divided into 3 closed areas.

  • Assembly room with 7 bridges and 3 large workbenches (100 m²).
  • Machining room with a lathe, milling machine, drill press, saw table, etc. (55 m²).
  • Dust room with welding equipment, blasting cabin, 2 valve grinders, etc. (20m²).


We have a warehouse with a floor area of 36 m² with 2 rows of racks of 12 meters long and 2.5 meters high. This warehouse is protected by a large tarpaulin with old photos of vintage motorcycles.

We always have spark plugs, light bulbs, carburetor parts and oil, etc. in stock.


We have a spacious showroom with a floor area of 240m² with a counter, a private collection of vintage motorcycles and motorcycles for sale on our website.

Nick Woppenkamp:

Nick has been involved with motorcycles from an early age with his father Alex. From the age of 2 he was already loosening and tightening bolts of one of his father's motorcycles with a screwdriver in his hands. Nick has always been fascinated by technology and vintage motorcycles. He now also enjoys driving around on vintage motorcycles and regularly goes to events and rides in England and other countries. He has also obtained a number of diplomas, which of course all have to do with technology:

  • Mechanical Engineering Level 4.
  • Motorcycle Technician Level 2.
  • First Motorcycle Technician Level 3.
  • Technical specialist passenger cars Level 4. (This is because there is no training for technical specialist motorcycles).

Nick also won the prize for best motorcycle technician in 2019. He traveled to Vienna (Austria) to compete against other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands.

Alex Woppenkamp:

About 40 years ago Alex started with his first old-timer motorcycle, but soon a second, third, etc.

Pre-war machines, mainly English-made, soon became the preferred choice. Often these were real projects where the challenges were great, so a machine park was soon needed to make the parts that were not available.

For years Alex had a dream to start an old-timer motorcycle business. When son Nick also opted for the motorcycle business, which of course was not really a surprise, we put our heads together. We both turned out to have the same dream, so this step was quickly made.

We still have a lot of fun every day at Red Hand Classics.

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