closed motorcycle trailer 750kg unbraked

PAY ATTENTION! This motorcycle trailer can only be rented with a valid Dutch driver's license

We at Red Hand Classics now offer a closed motorcycle trailer for rental as an extra service.

With this closed motorcycle trailer you can safely transport 1 motorcycle because this closed box can be closed with locks so that your motorcycle can remain safely in the trailer at night. This trailer has a maximum loading capacity of no less than 750KG.

Max payload750kg
Own weightNot known
Total to be transportedNot known
Closed container dimensions250x125x150cm
Overall dimensionsNot known
Wheels14 inches
Dense bottomYes, metal with hook-in holes for tie hooks.
Shock absorbersYes
rampSupplied separately during rental
Spare wheelYes, at the front of the closed container

Rental Periods:

Duration:Price incl. VAT:
Half day (max. 4 hours, otherwise daily rate)€ 32,50
All day (max. 24 hours)€ 50,-
2 days (max. 48 hours)€ 90,-
5 days (max. 120 hours)€ 225,-
1 week (max. 168 hours)€ 315,-
OtherwiseOn request

If you would like to rent the closed motorcycle trailer for 1 or more days, please feel free to contact us at or on +31 (0) 6 82 05 74 96.

Which Driver's License Do You Need for This Motorcycle Trailer?

This motorcycle trailer is suitable for a B driving license under certain conditions.

If the Motor Trailer and the towing vehicle not exceed the maximum weight of 3500KG. This means that, for example, the towing vehicle may have a maximum weight of 2100KG and the motorcycle trailer may have a maximum weight of 750KG, which results in (2100KG + 750KG) 2850KG.

If you are not sure whether your towing vehicle is allowed to tow this motorcycle trailer, go to

Step 1: Enter the registration number of the towing vehicle.

Step 2: Go to weights.

Step 3: F.2 is the maximum permitted mass of the vehicle (see above: 1960KG).

Step 4: F.3 the maximum weight that the towing and towed vehicle may weigh together (see above: 3360KG).

Step 5: Check whether the towing vehicle + motorcycle trailer remain below the maximum values. In the example above, you are allowed to tow a motorcycle trailer with a maximum loading capacity of 1400KG braked (3360KG – 1690KG = 1400KG).

In this case you can drive the motorcycle trailer with a B driving license because you stay under 3500KG.

If you exceed the maximum weight of 3500KG, you must be in possession of a BE driving license.

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