Dnepr K650 MT9 1971

Dnepr K650 (MT9) 1971

On behalf of one of our customers who has this beautiful Dnepr K650 with sidecar from 1971, we have to make this motorcycle with sidecar combination roadworthy and ready for inspection so that the customer can have a great season.

We have had to address the following:


  • Set valves.
  • Replace valve cover gaskets.
  • Replace crankcase cover gasket
  • Replace engine oil (Kroon oil 20W-50).
  • Seal exhaust leak.


  • Replace oil (Kroon oil 20W-50).
  • Replace shaft oil (Kroon oil 80W-90 GL5).
  • Fix oil leakage.


  • Front fork Overhaul (replace rubbers and sliding bushes).
  • Replace headset bearings with tapered bearings.
  • Change front fork oil (SAE 20W).


  • Check electricity.
  • Connect lighting properly.
  • Build and adjust electronic ignition.
  • Install the coil neatly.
  • Install new spark plug caps.
  • Install new spark plugs.
  • Install correct 12V lamps.
  • Install a new 12V horn.
  • Install and connect new 12V voltage regulator.
  • Partially renew wiring harness.
  • Install new 12V battery.

Fuel supply:

  • Remove throttle slide limitation.
  • Overhaul carburettors.
  • Install new fuel hose.
  • Adjust and synchronize carburettors.
  • Derust the fuel tank.
  • Install new fuel filters.


  • Lubricate clutch cable.
  • Lubricate throttle cables.
  • Lubricate brake cable.

Wheels / brakes:

  • Tire replacement (Mitas SW-07 3.75 x 19”).
  • Replace inner tubes.
  • Replace rim tapes.
  • Replace new wheel bearings.
  • Adjust wheel bearings.
  • Secure rear brake (missing tab to hold brake shoes in place).


  • Prepare motorcycle inspection for the RDW.
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