Matchless G3L

Matchless G3L ex Dutch army

Commissioned by one of our customers, we received this beautiful original Matchless G3L from the Dutch army for repair.

The work that we did is:


  • Replace valve cover gasket.
  • Oil supply to the engine has been oil tight due to wet sumping.
  • Change oil.


  • Change oil.
  • Replace clutch plates.
  • Seal primary chain case.
  • Adjust primary chain.


  • Check electricity.
  • Adjust alternator chain.
  • Replace the horn switch.

Paint parts:

  • Remove stickers from the front fender.
  • Remove stickers from the fuel tank.

Fuel supply:

  • Check carburetor.
  • Adjust carburetor.
  • Install another nozzle.
  • Install the float bowl at the correct angle.
  • Replace fuel taps.
  • Replace fuel lines.

Oil supply:

  • Replace oil hoses.
  • Clean the oil tank from the inside due to contamination in the tank.


  • Lubricate all cables.
  • Adjust all cables to the correct slack

Wheels / brakes:

  • Wheels checked for runout.
  • Tires, inner tubes and rim tapes mounted.
  • Brake drums cleaned and moving parts re-greased for smooth operation.
  • Brake lining checked on brake shoes.
  • Adjust final drive chain.
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